Top Football Clubs in the World

Featuredimage Top Football Clubs in the World - Top Football Clubs in the World

Football clubs in the United Kingdom are considered to be the best not only in Europe but throughout the globe. To rank, the list of the top football clubs in the UK is to list the top clubs in the world.

There are different aspects to determine all rankings. Some rely on competitiveness, fame, popularity, and influence. For this list, it will be a combination of all of those and more. So, here is our list of the top 3 football clubs in the World.

Post Image Top Football Clubs in the World Liverpool FC - Top Football Clubs in the World

Number 3: Liverpool FC

Liverpool from England is probably the most successful English football club across the globe. In terms of honours and victories international and domestic, Liverpool is truly among the top.

Several legendary footballers played for Liverpool including striker Kenny Dalglish, winger John Barnes, defender Tommy Smith, midfielder Graeme Souness, and so much more.

Another notable player who is also active is midfielder Steven Gerrard said to be the best midfielder in the world. Liverpool has 47 major first-team honours, 6 European Cups, and 18 League Championships.

Post Image Top Football Clubs in the World FC Internazionale Milano - Top Football Clubs in the World

Number 2: FC Internazionale Milano

FC Milano from Milan, Italy is yet another contender in the world stage of football. Many people would argue with this saying FC Milano is the top club. We don’t fully disagree with that. Nevertheless, we will stick to our ranking.

FC Milano has several victories under its resume in several leagues. Its Elite Academy also has some of the most promising players that are sure to take it in the future. They have 2 Intercontinental Cups for 1964 and 1965.

They also won the FIFA World Cup back in 2010. They have 3 UEFA Championship victories and 3 UEFA Europa victories.

Post Image Top Football Clubs in the World FC Barcelona - Top Football Clubs in the World

Number 1: FC Barcelona

FC Barcelona is a club where gods of football played including Xavi, Maradona, Ronaldinho, Carles Puyol, and of course, Lionel Messi. With international victories, FC Barcelona has 3 in the European Cup, 4 UEFA Cup, 3 Inter-Cities Fairs Cup, and 1 FIFA World Cup. They also have 20 La Liga victories on their resume.

FC Barcelona is truly the most influential football team in the world.

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